Expat Buddy

For an amazing start

Starting fresh in a new country can be challanging - from cultural differences, to practial daily challanges Expat Buddy provides comprehensive guidance for expats - ensuring smooth and effortless start of their journey in The Netherlands

Who is Expat Buddy

From one expat to another

Over twenty years of experience were the cornerstone for developing unique programme for supporting expats in the early stages upon their arrival in The Netherlands

Having experienced same burdens and enhancing programme by aiding expats throughout the years - helping other expats on this journey is our main goal

Our Services

What We Provide

  • Personal service

    Each expat and their personal situation is unique
    Expat Buddy recognizes this and starts from the expat, working backwards creating tailor made guidance that alignes with their life goals

    By providing in-person contact, understanding the expat unique situation, their desires and potential bottlenecks - programme provides all essentials for ensuring an amazing start in The Netherlands

  • Living & Working

    Essential information is critical in the early stages of living in The Netherlands. Our programme provides information on following topics:

    Residence permit Housing Family life Banks & financial institutions Transportation Health system Insurances Taxes Salary & payslip Pension Work ethics

    Everything that expat may need to have an amazing start in The Netherlands

  • Alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest
    (Stating that you really enjoy the food that you are eating)

    Many expats may experience that being thrown in depths of Dutch culture and way of life can sometimes be overwhelming

    Raising awareness in cultural and social differneces will help expats to gain trust, feel included while accelerating their integration into Dutch society and increase expat retention in The Netherlands

  • Milestones during first five years

    After initial settling in the new country, other major life events are awaiting ahead

    Our programme does not only focus on here & now - rather together with expat we look at the horizon Considering buying a property? Expending family? Investing? Becoming Dutch citizen?

    Supporting expats to make great decisions early to reap great benefits down the road

  • We don't stop there!

    As each expat is unique, our programme scope can be extended to facilitate any other requests that may come along from the expat

    With an openminded approach, taking expat requirements and needs into account we will work together on resolving any isssues at hand