Terms and conditions

Article 1 - Definitions
Cooling-off period: the period within which the customer can exercise his right of withdrawal
Day: calendar day
Client: private or legal entity that is purchaser of the Service
ExpatBuddy B.V.: legal entity providing Service
Contract: contract between ExpatBuddy B.V. and the client for services of integration course provided by ExpatBuddy B.V.
Service: all activities related to the execution of sessions that are part of the integration course

Article 2 - Identity of ExpatBuddy B.V.
Meander 251
6825MC Arnhem
The Netherlands

Article 3 - Applicability
1. These general terms and conditions apply to every offer made by ExpatBuddy B.V. and to every contract entered into between ExpatBuddy B.V. and the Client
2. Before the Contract is entered into, the text of these general terms and conditions will be made available to the Client. Terms and conditions are also available at any time on the website of ExpatBuddy B.V.
3. If the Contract is entered into electronically, the text of these general terms and conditions will be made available to the Client electronically in such a way that it can be stored
4. The applicability of any purchase conditions or other conditions of the Client is expressly rejected
5. If ExpatBuddy B.V. does not always strictly follow these conditions, this does not mean that such provisions are no longer applicable or that ExpatBuddy B.V. would in any way lose the right to demand, in other circumstances, strict compliance with these conditions.

Article 4 - Licence
1. ExpatBuddy B.V. is the exclusive owner of all rights to, ownership of and interests (including intellectual property rights) in all materials, documentation, websites or information arising from the Services or which have been developed for, or made available to, the Client in the context of or in relation to the Contract.
2. All changes, adjustments or improvements made or developed in relation to the Service, whether or not made or developed from the input of the Client, are and remain the property of ExpatBuddy B.V.
3. It is at all times prohibited to:
  • Copy or republish any materials from ExpatBuddy B.V. or provided by ExpatBuddy B.V.
  • Sell, rent or sublicense ExpatBuddy B.V. materials
  • Reproduce, modify, duplicate or copy ExpatBuddy B.V. materials
  • Redistributing content from ExpatBuddy and ExpatBuddy integration course materials

  • Article 5 - Agreement and offers
    1. All offers by ExpatBuddy B.V. will be made in writing and will become valid upon written or digitally signed by client - or until client has made the payment as per offer.
    2. All offers by ExpatBuddy B.V. are valid for thirty (30) days unless stated otherwise in the offer.
    3. All offers will provide all relevant information making it clear to the Client what rights and responsibilities are attached if the offer is accepted.

    Article 6 - Service
    1. ExpatBuddy B.V. will provide Service - integration course - in a professional and adequate manner and will deliver commercially reasonable effort to deliver the Service in accordance with the Contract.
    2. In the event that due to extraordinary circumstances ExpatBuddy B.V. is unable to provide Service in accordance with the Contract, ExpatBuddy B.V. will inform the Client and reschedule delivery of the Service at the first next possible date.
    3. Rescheduling of a single session within the course in accordance with the Contract does not provide eligibility for the refund as long as ExpatBuddy B.V. provides a reasonable date for the new session.
    4. Location where the Service will be provided will be clearly stated in the Contract.
    5. ExpatBuddy B.V. reserves the right to change location due to unforeseen circumstances and must inform the Client no later than twentyfour (24) hours prior to the commencement of the session.
    6. All Services will be performed in the English language.
    7. ExpatBuddy B.V. Service consists of eight (8) sessions, each in duration of approximately two hours that constitute the integration course which spans over four weeks.

    Article 7 - Prices and payments
    1. All offers are made in Euros excluding VAT and any other levies that may be imposed by the government and applicable laws
    2. Client has to make the payment to the bank account specified in the offer within 14 days - or at the latest before the start date of the first session of the course as noted in the offer and in the Contract.
    3. Payment has to be made in full at once.

    Article 8 - Liability
    1. ExpatBuddy B.V. does not provide any financial, medical nor legal advice in the Service and shall not be deemed liable for any consequences that Client might make in their own choices based on the information provided in the Service.
    2. ExpatBuddy B.V. is not liable for a shortcoming in providing Service due to force majeure - and shall reschedule any missed sessions within a reasonable time.

    Article 9 - Governing law and disputes
    1. Any claim related to ExpatBuddy B.V. shall be exclusively governed by the Dutch law.

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